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Cargo Theft Trends: The Rising Need for Insurance in Freight Brokerage

Recent data and analyses paint a worrying picture of cargo theft trends, emphasizing the importance of adequate insurance for freight brokers in order to mitigate potential losses.

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TMS Trends: Freight Insurance as a Driver of Revenue, And Questions You Should Ask

When executives are huddled around the boardroom table talking about how to grow revenue next quarter, there’s a lot of discussion around the current TMS trends.

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3 Reasons Freight Broker Insurance Premiums Could Still Be Increasing Despite GFR Being Soft

Picture yourself as a freight broker. Your Gross Freight Receipts(GFR) are down, yet your insurance policy premiums are on the rise.

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Yellow Shutting Down Leaves A Golden Opportunity for Motor Carriers

A few weeks ago, the logistics industry was grappling with the escalating situation between Yellow and UPS, two of America’s primary carriers

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5 Tips to Boost your TMS Retention Rates

Discover top strategies for boosting TMS retention rates in 2023 with our insightful guide.

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3 Tips to Avoid Failure When Adding a Cargo Insurance Offering to Your TMS

Your TMS offers – nearly- everything that your customers need. They can quote, book, and track all of their shipments with a click of the mouse. But can they purchase excess cargo insurance directly within your TMS platform?

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What Type of Insurance Do Freight Brokers Need?

Keeping up with the sharp increase in shipping demands has placed unprecedented pressure on members of the freight transportation industry. Now more than ever, businesses are relying on new solutions to help optimize shipments and to provide tailor-made answers.

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How Freight Broker Auto/Third Party Liability insurance grows and protects your business

If utilized to its best advantage, Freight Broker Auto/Third Party Liability Insurance is a competitive edge enabling discerning freight Brokers to win more loads and increase revenues and profits, while reducing their overall risk exposure.

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The Cargo Insurance Market is Booming: Here’s What TMS Companies Need to Know about Offering Excess Cargo Insurance Coverage

The opportunities to capitalize on the excess cargo insurance offerings made available through a TMS site are only increasing as more cargo carriers hit the roads and demand for coverage continues to grow.

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A Retail Insurance Agent’s Guide to Selling Freight Broker Insurance

Concerning your freight Broker clients, your primary task as an insurance agent is to help freight Brokers find the best fit insurance policies.

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