Webinar Recordings


Freight Broker’s Guide For Reducing Major Financial
Exposure Present In Litigation

In our latest webinar, we explored the increasing litigation risks facing freight brokers and shippers, especially in accidents involving contracted motor carriers. We discuss the key strategies for mitigating these risks, such as thorough vetting of motor carriers, understanding the implications of tort reform laws, and smart contract drafting were also highlighted.


Broker Shield Overview Webinar – Part 1

In this informative video tailored for retail insurance agents, LogistIQ’s CEO, Glenn Stebbings, will highlight what sets LogistIQ apart, our specialized expertise in comprehending the needs of freight brokers, and will discuss alarming industry trends that have culminated in a billion-dollar settlement.

Broker Shield Overview Webinar – Part 2

In Part Two of our Broker Shield Overview Webinar, Glenn Stebbings will address key challenges in freight brokerage, including the disadvantages posed by shipper contracts and common business errors leading to litigation. He’ll also give a concise overview of the exclusive benefits provided by Broker Shield’s programs.