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Get instant excess cargo insurance and never miss another load

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Excess Cargo

Excess cargo insurance that keeps up with the pace of your business

freight insurance fast for freight brokers

For Freight Brokers

Affordably supplement cargo coverages giving you a wider network of carriers you can work with

freight insurance fast for motor carriers


Boost your coverage when you need it for higher value loads while keeping your premiums low

For TMS Platforms

Stand out in a crowded market by offering an insurance integration that streamlines your user’s workflow and opens the doors to major growth.

Stop losing deals because your preferred carriers don’t have enough insurance

loosing freight insurance fast deals

As a freight broker, we understand that you need to be agile. Finding the right carrier for a load needs to happen quickly. When you’re bidding on a load that requires above average insurance limits, your carrier pool shrinks, making it more difficult to provide a competitive quote. With Freight Insurance Fast, you can keep your carrier pool by supplementing their standard limits to reach the load requirements.

loosing freight insurance fast deals
decide between insurance premiums

Never again do you have to decide between insurance premiums or winning higher value loads

decide between insurance premiums

As premiums continue to increase, motor carriers are often forced to lower their limits in order to keep those costs manageable. The trade off being that carriers can not service loads beyond their limit. But with Freight Insurance Fast, carriers can instantly boost their limits on a per load basis, giving them access to loads that require higher limits.

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Interested in offering Freight Insurance Fast to your customers?

Freight Insurance Fast offers your organization a new revenue channel without having to make any major investments.

transportation management systems

Transportation Management Systems

Freight Insurance Fast can directly integrate into TMS platforms via API

load boards

Load Boards

Freight Insurance Fast can directly integrate via API or we can set up a partner link for your clients to purchase directly.

retail insurance agents

Retail Insurance Agents

We will set up a direct link for your clients to purchase Freight Insurance Fast directly through our system, providing you with a new revenue source that requires little to no management on your end.