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New freight brokers investing the bare minimum on insurance quickly realize they are disqualified from working with larger shippers. Broker Shield helps new brokers enter the market competitively.

With the trend in litigation now targeting shippers, many larger businesses are requiring that their broker carry broader liability coverage and lines that protect against court expenses.

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Our industry experts track the latest legislation and regulation, keeping you protected.

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We have over 45 years experience in the industry. Freight Broker Protection is all we do.

Our entire team, processes, and insurance products are specifically designed to best protect our freight broker clients.


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Lines of Coverage

The Broker Shield insurance program features everything you need to manage your business without worrying about whether you are protected from the many risks that come with operating as a freight broker. It includes the following specialty lines of liability coverage:

Freight Broker Auto / Third Party Legal Liability

Sometimes called Contingent Auto Liability insurance or Freight Broker Auto Liability Coverage. It is a necessity to get contingent auto liability insurance, as you want as much protection as possible in a lawsuit.

Contingent auto liability insurance responds to defense costs from 1st dollar plus any judgment levied when a freight broker is named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit related to bodily injury or fatality claims when motor carriers they contract are involved in accidents and third parties are injured or killed.

Unlike other forms of insurance that typically have an “annual aggregate limit,” our primary freight broker Auto Liability policy covers up to $1 million per each occurrence. Having contingent auto liability insurance means you will be covered in a lawsuit where you are found liable, but you should make sure you are getting the right protection with very specific details.

The added value of Broker Shield is provided by LOGISTIQ on the strength of our national network of skilled and experienced lawyers specializing in defending freight brokers. If the need arises, your freight brokerage firm will have the most skilled and experienced team of lawyers available to defend against a lawsuit in any state.

Freight Broker Cargo Legal Liability (Defense Coverage)

The Freight Liability Extension attached to Broker Shield covers additional financial liabilities beyond those associated with cargo. These could include pollution cleanup or associated fines, libel and slander, fraud committed by employees, infringement of another company’s intellectual property rights or fines issued for breaking the laws or regulations surrounding the movement of freight.

This aspect of Broker Shield coverage offers a total response to the legal liability a domestic freight broker may be exposed to during regular business. Broker Shield includes a provision called “duty to defend”. This defense provision is a critical factor as the policy deductible does not apply to this cost. All attorney costs are paid. Working in conjunction with the most knowledgeable legal teams across the country, we ensure that you receive specialized defense support from attorneys who are focused on representing domestic freight brokers.

Broad Form Contingent Cargo Insurance

Broker Shield includes Broad Form Contingent Cargo Insurance, coverage that is required when a freight broker assumes responsibility for lost cargo or damages that the motor carrier has not paid.

When a freight broker gets into a contract, the document should be carefully reviewed to establish whether the freight broker is assuming liability under D.O.T. Domestic Freight Broker authority. These contracts can contain indemnity clauses that could cause you to be responsible for a cargo claim should the trucker fail to pay that claim. Contingent cargo coverage under this insurance is available for FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments under most circumstances. However, it should be pointed out that some types of high-risk cargo — such as alcohol, tobacco, expensive electronics, cell phones, copper and other non-ferrous metals — require a broader form of cargo insurance in conjunction with a strategic risk-management program designed to reduce theft.

Unlike the Cargo Legal Liability policy, contingent cargo insurance is a critically important and more customer service-friendly form of cargo coverage for customers that may demand reimbursement for any cargo loss or damage irrespective of who is liable.

Freight Broker Excess Liability Coverage

Excess Auto Liability coverage is offered to complement the primary freight broker auto liability policy.

Excess liability coverage adds an extra layer of protection on top. Limits purchased should be driven by the financial size of your operation or formal agreements with shippers, and it may well be worth paying for given the fact that lawsuits are becoming more common and more expensive.

LOGISTIQ offers additional liability coverage of up to $25,000,000. Given the current insurance market, this is likely to be the highest limit available for Domestic Freight Broker’s Auto Liability.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions)

Errors & Omissions responds to the legal liability for financial loss (not limited to the value of the cargo) incurred by a freight broker’s client caused by the freight broker’s negligence, error or omission in the normal course of providing domestic freight broker services. First dollar defense is provided under this line of coverage as well.

General Liability Coverage

Third parties sometimes enter the premises of the broker. This is routine and part of the business, but they may still become injured when they do so. Lawsuits can arise and general liability insurance covers this. Broker Shield includes a General Liability policy that is intended to respond to the financial risk that can be assumed for third-party bodily injury claims occurring on your premises.

General liability coverage is one of the most important types of insurance you can get, no matter the size of your operation.

All Risk Domestic Shipper’s Interest Cargo Coverage

Moving freight with LTL (Less Truck Load) Motor Carriers necessitates a broader form of Shipper’s Interest coverage than what is typically provided. LOGISTIQ can set up a Shipper’s Interest cargo program in which insurance coverage is purchased on a per-shipment basis where costs for the coverage can be passed on to owners of the cargo for those who desire full replacement cargo coverage protection. We offer a web-based insurance platform that allows coverage to be put in place instantly.

As a cargo insurance provider, LOGISTIQ can place cargo protection for high-risk cargo, as long as proper security is in place during the movement of the freight. Freight Brokers who move higher risk cargo will not typically qualify for a Contingent Cargo Broad-form insurance policy, but need a primary cargo program in which adequate security must be present while moving freight.

Freight Broker’s Handbook For Growing Your Value Proposition and Revenue

Protect your freight brokerage while simultaneously improving your value proposition with large shippers.

All policies include a robust risk management consulting service

Industry Monitoring

Consistently monitor, review and assess the latest transportation industry regulations and legislation to ensure that your coverage as a freight broker does what it is intended to do: Protect you against the risk of doing business both at home and abroad.

Contract Review

Review and provide advice on amending or negotiating current shipper agreement wording to protect your freight broker business model. Court rulings over the past several years have made it clear that contracts and other representations will be considered in determining what services a party signs on to perform. Under federal law, this determines whether or not a party has liability.

model agreement

Help develop a model agreement for shippers, as needed, to use as a resource to evaluate and negotiate the wording of future shipping agreements.


Review the agreements currently in place with motor carriers. These contracts, if drafted properly, can help to manage liability and have a meaningful impact on reducing financial exposures for both the freight broker and the client.


Help to resolve claims, including subrogation, as an extension of your services.


Aid with evaluation and qualification of motor carriers with our proprietary risk scorecard.

MOTOR CARRIER insurer evaluation

Assist in assessing the AM Best financial rating of a Motor Carrier’s insurer.

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Broker Shield Claim Support Services

broker shield claim support services

If you typically move full truck-load shipments, the main liability for damage done to cargo or cargo theft rests with the motor carrier. Our claims division — Subrogateway USA — offers support to make collection of cargo claims against motor carriers easier. With over 70 years of combined experience in processing these cargo freight claims, our knowledgeable staff will support the expedient resolution of claims so they do not escalate.

broker shield claim support services

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