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TMS Guide To Successfully Offering Spot Insurance Through Your Platform

Your Clients Need Spot Insurance.
We’ll Make It Easy For You To Offer It.

This guide will help you to:

Understand Why Motor Carrier & Freight Brokers Need Spot Insurance

Purchasing spot insurance can be a cumbersome process. Your clients often have to visit multiple sites to get the coverage they need.

Overcome A Lack of Developmental Resources

It’s often difficult for TMS companies to peel off developers to work on 3rd party integrations. We have the perfect solution.

Solve Customer Adoption

A lot of TMS companies have tried this before, but they haven’t done it the right way. Our way has proven to strengthen adoption.

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From The CEO


Don’t wait until your competitors are offering this service. Gain the competitive advantage now with our easy-to-set up, easy-to-use LogistIQ Spot insurance program. We, at LogistIQ are excited to offer you a new way to connect with your customers.

Examples Of This Successful Model In different Industries

Amazon has made it easy to get your gifts wrapped at the point of sale for a few extra dollars.

Airlines now easily sell travel insurance with point of sale pricing based on the value of your trip.

Warehouse stores allow you to purchase the extended warranty on your appliances simply by checking a box at checkout.

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Logistiq has over 46 years of freight broker experience.

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We are experts on the freight broker industry so you don’t have to be. We create valuable content that helps our agents build value and properly protect their freight broker clients.

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