Who we serve: freight brokers


Frieght Brokers

Freight Brokers

Your success as Freight Broker depends on your ability to find and connect authorized carriers to shippers for the most efficient and effective transportation of goods. We get that.

LOGISTIQ will provide you with the kind of comprehensive yet clear support that you need. We will deliver the right freight broker insurance, surety and risk management services for you and your business, including our all-in-one freight brokerage service, Broker Shield.

Broker Shield

Broker Shield

Broker Shield is the total solution for companies holding domestic freight brokerage authority and offers you all of the necessary lines of insurance plus risk management services and problem-solving intelligence.

Broker Shield includes:

  • Freight Broker Auto/3rd Party Legal Liability
  • Freight Broker Cargo Legal Liability (Defense Coverage)
  • Broad Form Contingent Cargo
  • Freight Broker Excess Liability
  • Freight Broker Professional Indemnity (E&O)
  • Freight Broker General Liability
  • All Risk Domestic Shipper’s Interest
  • FMCSA, BMC-84 Bond
  • Instant Excess Cargo coverage, Freight Brokerage Insurance Fast

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