Product: Risk Management


Risk Management

LOGISTIQ sets itself apart by offering risk management consulting services to all of our clients.

Risk Management

Our risk management
consulting services include:

  • Monitoring, reviewing and assessing transportation industry legislation and new rules and regulations that could affect your insurance coverage.
  • We’re committed to ensuring that you have the right coverage at all times. If new legislation comes into effect, we work with you to update your policies accordingly.
  • Reviewing agreements; providing advice on amending or negotiating agreement wording to protect your business.
  • In view of court rulings over the past several years, it is clear that contractual and other representations will be considered in determining what services a party holds themselves out to perform. Under federal law, how a party holds themselves out determines whether they have liability.
  • Assistance in developing a model Agreement, as needed, to provide a compass to evaluate and negotiate wording in future agreements.
  • Review current Broker Carrier agreements with Motor Carriers contracted to move freight.
  • These contracts, if skillfully drafted, can assist in managing liability and have a significant impact on reducing both the Freight Broker and their client’s financial exposures.
  • Assistance in the resolution of claims, including subrogation, as an extension of your services.
  • Partnership with a technology provider that provides critical data on the status of a Motor Carrier’s common carrier or contract carrier authority, current safety ratings and status of the insurance coverage.
  • Assistance in motor carrier evaluation and qualification.
  • Development of a Risk Score Card, for ongoing use in evaluating carriers and providing a viable defense in the event of a bad claim.
  • Assistance in evaluating the AM Best financial rating of a Motor Carrier’s Insurer.

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