Product: Marine cargo insurance


Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Your team at LOGISTIQ is distinguished by the decades of experience, knowledge and understanding we have in the logistics, transportation and shipping sector.

Our specialized expertise includes all aspects of marine cargo transport. We are dedicated to providing top-notch ocean freight insurance.


Domestic Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance

While it is the FTL (Full Truck Load) Motor Carrier who bears responsibility for loss of and/or damage to the shippers’ goods, many carriers (LTL motor carriers, airlines, rail) limit their liability for freight in their care, custody and control.

LOGISTIQ offers an “All Risk” marine cargo insurance policy to protect the shippers’ goods, when situations arise where the Motor Carriers policy does not respond.

A Marine Cargo Insurance policy from LOGISTIQ will give you financial peace of mind. We cover losses that involve theft, breakage, water damage, non-delivery and pilferage through our ocean freight insurance.

Our ocean cargo insurance policies are affordable and based on the type of goods shipped, the shipping destination and value of the merchandise. We make sure you have the intelligent ocean freight insurance solution for your needs.

Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance

Our ocean shipping insurance coverage allows Freight Forwarders to offer full coverage for your client’s cargo up to 100 percent CIF plus 10 percent value.

It is a critical value added service for a Freight Forwarding operation as all International Carriers limit their liability to cargo for as little as $500 per ocean shipment, $9.07 per pound for international air shipments and $0.50 per pound for domestic air shipments.

Shippers Interest also provides coverage for General Average bonds, which can be a significant financial exposure for any Importer or Exporter.

Our shipper’s Interest program also minimizes the financial risk for Freight Forwarders to the cargo for which you arrange transport.

Having a tailored ocean freight insurance program can be an additional source of value added service and revenue for Freight Forwarders specializing in marine cargo.

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