Who we serve: freight forwarders


Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarders

International Freight Forwarders like you are tasked with many responsibilities in the supply chain process. We will ensure that you are in full compliance and properly protected.

LOGISTIQ supports Freight Forwarders by providing Risk Management intelligence and consulting services, along with tailored Insurance and Surety products. One of our most popular programs – Forwarder Shield – is smartly designed specifically for you.

Forwarder Shield

Forwarder Shield

LOGISTIQ developed Forwarder Shield to respond to your unique needs. It offers tailored international freight forwarder insurance programs designed for specific situations, such as air freight insurance and ocean freight insurance. Forwarder Shield by LOGISTIQ also incorporates our Claims and Risk Management Consulting services. The freight forwarder insurance coverage program is designed to simplify your insurance purchasing process by including — in one program — all of the coverage required to best protect your operations as an international freight forwarder. Forwarder Shield coverage is also competitively priced and underwritten by an insurance carrier that is rated AM Best, A+ Excellent.


We also serve freight forwarders in the following ways:

General Liability

A general freight forwarder liability insurance policy with covered Territories of US and Canada is intended to ensure that you are ready to respond to the financial risk you can assume as a result of the transportation services you offer.

Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance

Our Shipper’s Interest coverage allows Freight Forwarders to offer full coverage for your client’s cargo up to 100 percent CIF plus 10 percent value.

Cargo Legal Liability/Errors & Omissions/Warehouse Legal Liability

This policy is designed to cover the financial exposures assumed under a multitude of authorities which you may have in place as a freight forwarder.

OTI Bonds

An OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary) Bond is required by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to guarantee compliance with the Ocean Shipping Reform Act. There are two forms of OTI bonds, Freight Forwarder and the Non-Vessel Operator Common Carrier.

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