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Freight Broker’s Handbook For Growing Your Value Proposition & Revenue

Learn key strategies for consistently winning large shipper clients.

This guide will help you to:

Communicate your true value

Learn how to elevate your value proposition above competitors and no longer compete for business based on price alone.

Understand the risks

Get a competitive edge by fully knowing the current litigation risks that are affecting the shipping industry today.

Position your company as an expert

Learn proven branding, marketing, and sales strategies to convey your expertise and land more shipping contracts.

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From The CEO


A freight broker’s value goes well beyond their ability to help shippers get their goods from point A to point B. We created this guide to help freight brokers learn how to position their higher value propositions win and build trust with large shipper clients.

Make Your Marketing More Effective

Marketing is more than just getting your business name in front of customers. Effective(and profitable) marketing campaigns build content and funnels that speak to the pain points, objectives, and values of your target customers.

Stop fighting for sales with shipping clients

Quality freight brokers offer a number of benefits that ensure the client’s bottom line is secure, production stays on schedule, and litigation exposures are minimized. Raising awareness around these benefits will help you differentiate yourself from the competitors and stop competing on price.

Keeping Your Shipper’s Production Rolling

When it comes to supply chain management, keeping lines moving is key. The opportunity cost of having a line down is something that most shippers work hard to avoid. This is where your knowledge, experience, and technology come into play as an important differentiator.

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