In an ever-changing world of new laws and regulations, freight brokers are required nearly to be lawyers to keep up. For instance, they have to keep up with what’s required from: the FMCSA, the United States Department of Transportation, MAP-21 laws, and other regulatory bodies and laws from the government. Many times freight brokers are running their business at risk and don’t even know it. This is why LOGISTIQ Insurance Services is committed to simplifying your insurance and surety compliance needs by offering affordable comprehensive freight broker insurance.

Keeping up with the current laws and regulations is not only a headache, but also can be a dangerous risk to miss even one detail. Freight brokers have enough to think about, than to constantly be examining if they have the proper freight broker insurance, bonds, or trusts in place. And with a growing governmental body of compliance overseers, an accident isn’t the only time freight brokers may be caught with inadequate coverage.

Freight brokers need a professional partner for their insurance, surety, and risk management consulting needs. LOGISTIQ is a premier insurance company that knows the industry we serve. We keep up with the current laws and regulations, so you don’t have to. We then use our experience and expertise around the industry and insurance – to offer comprehensive solutions for freight broker insurance at the best price possible. Our highly acclaimed Broker Shield Insurance program can provide you with the protection you need as a freight broker.

Every possible insurance and surety need a freight broker may have, we have a fitting solution for. We also consult with our clients about risk management, so we can sure up any and all points of risk that could threaten a sustainable business. The point is: to simplify your business in the area of freight broker insurance and compliance, in order for you to focus on the logistics of your business.

LOGISTIQ is a premier transportation insurance and risk management agency located in California, and we’re offering our freight broker insurance to your company. In a time when laws and regulations are changing so rapidly, you need a competent partner that understands your needs.

We care about our customers and work with them at a personal level, to ensure they’re not at risk. And our expertise and experience in the industry allows us to offer rates our clients can afford. In the end, freight brokers will gain the peace of mind knowing LOGISTIQ has their back, ensuring a sustainable future for their business.


LOGISTIQ Insurance Solutions, a GSIS, Inc. company, provides cargo insurance products and services, as well as general risk management consultation, for freight companies across the world. The company has a diverse array of insurance products, including those encompassed by its unique Broker Shield program. LOGISTIQ is devoted to building long-lasting relationships with clients, and provides exemplary service and prompt quotes. More information about LOGISTIQ can be found on the company’s website, located at