Chances are if you’re in the freight broker industry, you’re familiar with the business of 3PL’s, or third-party logistics, but you may not belong to a top-notch 3PL organization like Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). Joining makes sense for 3PL professionals and might be the best strategic decision you ever make. Consider this a beginner’s guide to membership in the most trusted 3PL organization in North America:

Did you know?

  1. The Transportation Intermediaries Association advocates on your behalf for friendly legislation. Rest easy knowing they are fighting for policies at every level of government to reduce and avoid adverse regulations.
  2. Members have access to cutting edge research intended to improve 3PL operations and increase competitiveness.
  3. TIA actively pitches members to shippers and carriers in the marketplace.

If you’re looking for a 3PL partner in the freight broker industry, one that will promote best practices and place you ahead of the competition, then Transportation Intermediaries Association is the answer.

Still not convinced from a business perspective that partnering with TIA is right for you? Maybe this December 2015 article published in Global Trade Magazine on their recent humanitarian efforts will sway you. Writer Peter Buxbaum dives into TIA’s work with American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), a nonprofit whose mission is to identify and respond to the unique transportation challenges that arise following natural disasters.

Between the good they are doing in this country, and what they can do for your business, aligning yourself with the Transportation Intermediaries Association makes sense. Join today. You won’t regret it.



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