Striking a new business deal in most cases is an opportunity for growth and profitability. Additional business implies an increase in your production output, which the freight company you are using cannot handle depending on resources available. As such, you need to find a solution as soon as possible to meet client demands.

The extra output requires you to find another shipper either to transport part of the cargo or the whole consignment to your customer. Options available in this case, include trucking companies or logistics freight brokers. Both service providers can handle the task. However, as you consider who to engage between the two, here are reasons why you should opt for a logistics freight broker.

Better Management of the Shipment Process

A logistics agent’s main preoccupation is managing transportation procedures right from the pick-up point to delivery. Therefore, these logistics brokers have a better understanding of shipping different types of equipment and commodities, routing, various areas and regions of a country, and lane rates.

Logistics freight brokers advise you better as you plan to ship any consignment due to their extensive experience in shipment procedures.

Access to a Greater Network of Carriers and Trucks

Trucking companies have access to the only fleet of vehicles they have. The implication is that if you have more output or some consignment, you need to deliver urgently, finding a standby truck is sometimes a challenge. That can easily affect your delivery schedules, which affects relationships with your customers as well.

On the contrary, logistics freight brokers are constantly in touch with many carriers and trucks. They know better who is available to handle a task at any one time and their location. Hence, when you need to address urgent deliveries or an output overflow, they are your best option.

Additional Cargo Insurance

Freight business involves several unexpected challenges, which is why cargo insurance is a necessity. Most of those seeking delivery services have cargo insurance, but logistics brokers carry additional cover to protect goods in transit. The cover acts as extra protection in case of any eventuality of launching a claim.