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Protecting Your Assets as a Freight Broker

As you know, a Freight Broker serves a vital role in the intricate machine that is freight movement. By connecting shippers and carriers who may not otherwise be able to find each other, freight brokers keep the industry humming. Being a freight broker means investing large amounts of time learning the shipping industry inside andread more

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Carmack Amendment Liability

The Interstate Commerce Act was established in 1887 to deal with the rise of the railroads and the growth of cross country travel and freight delivery. The intent was to regulate interstate transportation. In 1906, the Carmack Amendment was added to the Interstate Commerce Act which was enacted by Congress to establish uniform federal guid

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What You Need to Know About International Cargo Insurance

If your business conducts business with ocean freight, purchasing insurance could be a valuable asset to stabilizing your bottom line. Maritime law dictates that if a cargo ship need to jettison any cargo to preserve the lives aboard and the ship itself, all owners of cargo share the cost of the lost goods. You couldread more

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Do Freight Brokers Really Need Auto Insurance?

Freight Brokers wrestle with many questions when deciding cost management strategies. One of the biggest is whether or not they need Liability Auto Insurance. The straight forward answer is absolutely. Auto liability coverage is a must for freight brokers. There are so many unpredictable, uncontrollable forces out there, (accidents, storms

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Avoiding a $26 Million Claim – Risk Management

Freight Broker Risk Management 101 You are a Domestic Freight Broker. You gave up your common carrier authority years ago. Now you enjoy the comfort of limited liability thanks to common law and don’t play by the Carmack Amendment. Right? Many brokers believe that the separation of authorities will nullify the risk of being seriouslyread

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Acting Outside the Box of a Property Broker

I recently read an article in which a Property Broker was successfully sued for an accident that resulted in the death of one man and other serious injuries. What had led up to the verdict is as follows: A Carrier was involved in an accident with 3 cars, killing one person & seriously injuring more

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Broker Liability in Truck Accident Cases

One of the most important things a Freight Broker does for Shippers/Consignees is the vetting of truckers. OAKLAND, CA, July 09, 2011 — I was involved in a truck accident case a couple of years ago where a big rig wiped out three cars near the California Nevada border, killing one person and seriously injuringread more

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Importance of Domestic Freight Brokerage’s Contingent Cargo Insurance

Claims and law suits relating to lost or damaged cargo can arise because the trucker’s motor truck cargo policy doesn’t respond to the claim, we offer several contingent cargo insurance programs to address each Freight Broker’s unique shipper/customer base, the sensitivities and risks involved therein. * Contingent Cargo Legal Liabili

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Review of Exposures: Domestic Freight Brokerage Industry

Domestic Freight Broker’s moving freight through third party trucking, rail carriers and airlines have financial exposures that are truly unique from any other industry. A thorough and complete understanding of financial exposure is critical to the long term success of a Freight Broker or Freight Forwarder. It is important to first unders

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Injuries or Deaths When Contracting Truckers to Move Freight

If you contract truckers to move freight and someone is injured or killed, are you covered? Serious financial exposures confront domestic freight brokers, freight forwarders and their shipper clients when trucking operations they contract to move freight injure or cause fatalities. The Right Policy is out there for contract trucker coverage

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