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The New Tesla Semi Truck

TESLA SEMI ANNOUNCEMENT Tesla has announced a new vehicle in development: the Tesla Semi. If the Tesla truck meets expectations, the all-electric truck is poised to change the nature of not just trucking, but commercial transport as a whole. Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas, an analyst with a history of covering Tesla's products and market footprint, called it "the biggest catalyst in trucking in decades". Some of the expectations for the Semi are in line with how Tesla cars vary from gas-power

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Carmack Amendment Elevates Importance Of Bill Of Lading

How Carmack Amendment makes Bill of Lading more important than ever

If a carrier is sued for damage to or loss of cargo, what laws are being used as the basis of the claim? The Carmack Amendment is the most common uniform code of law regulating the freight industry that is applied in liability cases involving breach of contract, fraud, and negligence. The Most Important Document: The majority of claims raise issue with one particular exemption of liability, an act of the shipp

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Freight Brokers: The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Carrier

Freight Broker

There are numerous citings proving the extreme importance of choosing a qualified carrier. In addition, making sure that the “qualified carrier” does not then broker the shipment out to another driver who may not be qualified falls under a freight broker’s responsibilities as well. As many of you are aware, fines can be astronomical and may result in loss of authority. Here are just a few of the cases that have been settled. Read More
The Digital Freight Broker

Freight Broker in the Digital World

The freight brokering industry has been around for many years. New brokering companies come and go, and not much changes in the industry. Freight brokers are the link between the shipper and the carrier. However, digital freight brokers, such as Uber and Power2Ship, are revolutionizing the industry. Digital freight brokerage, otherwise known as digital freight matching (DFM), is

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5 Current Trends in the Third Party Logistics Industry

Third Party Logistics

The success of a third party logistics company hinges upon its ability to respond quickly and reliably to changing customer demands. From paperless platforms to just-in-time services for e-commerce companies, logistics providers have evolved to meet the specific needs of customers faster than ever. Below are the top five current technology trends of 3rd party logistics providers to watch for. 1) Paperless platforms. Logistics companies are more efficient and en

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FMCSA Says ELD Is Here To Stay

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and the Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

The passage of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate was thought to possibly be rolled back by President Trump's de-regulation efforts. The mandate was pending, its expected effects still being studied by Congressional committee. But, perhaps the refusal of the Supreme Court to hear a challenge to the mandate sh

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The Future of Self-Driving Trucks for Cargo Delivery

Self driving truck for cargo delivery

Self-driving cars are ubiquitous in the news lately, though you don't hear enough about the future of self-driving trucks. It's not that it's not happening, because we're seeing a lot of experiments with them now. One of the most recent tests is through Daimler and a semi-autonomous freight truck. This new truck is on a fast-track

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Excess Cargo Insurance, an Added Measure of Protection

Excess Cargo Insurance, an Added Measure of Protection

Cargo theft is a daily concern that affects all avenues of the shipping industry. It's a multi-billion-dollar criminal industry that threatens the US economy and our national security. And, adding injury to insult, the exorbitant costs to industries is, by necessity, passed on to consumers. The result is higher prices for just about everything, and a huge gouge out of every citizen’s financial budget, excess cargo insurance is an

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FMCSA Update On ELD Mandate

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)
In December of this year a new mandate goes into effect regarding electronic logging devices (ELD). Here are 3 ELD mandate issues to anticipate as identified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):
  1. Short Term Rentals: If a freight company employs rental trucks, it's possible that their ELD may not be compatible with the carrier's sof

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Limiting Liability Under the Carmack Amendment

Carmack amendment When it comes to carrier success, everything hinges on the Carmack Amendment (CA). Here is a case study that reveals that the details of terms should always be framed by the Carmack Amendment to ensure better success in limiting liability and resolving a claim favorably. Excel, Inc. v Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc. (6th Cir. 2015) A broker arranged a shipment of pharmaceuticals, valued at more

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