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Have more success selling insurance to freight brokers

With this guide you will be able to better understand the broker market and their insurance needs in order to more effectively position yourself as the agency of choice for freight brokers.

This guide will help you to:

Efficiently consult freight brokers about which coverages they need

This guide will help your broker determine which coverages they need based on their risk profile and revenue size.

Sell more lines at higher limits than freight brokers traditionally purchase

This guide outlines the significant benefits and value propositions that the correct insurance can provide for their business. The more a client understands how insurance benefits them, the more likely they are to purchase it.

Reduce the amount of time you or your team spends closing deals

This guide can be leveraged to reduce the education time a freight broker needs in order to make a purchasing decision.

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What agents are saying

It is without hesitation that we provide a testimonial for LogistiQ. The product knowledge of the group and coverage provided under the program is excellent. It is detailed to the needs of the industry they serve. Their team is always professional and responsive to our needs and that of the customer.

Reese Smith

Senior Vice President – Agency Executive McGriff

Our companies have been deeply rooted in the domestic freight broker and logistics space for over 10 years. LOGISTIQ Insurance Solutions has been a pivotal partner in our success. Not only recognized in the product they offer, but even more importantly in the the level of attention, education and quality of
service their team delivers regularly.

Zach Frederick

Chief Operating Officer – Agile Insurance Services

Learn how to quickly educate and drive demand with freight brokers

Learn what matters to freight brokers and help them understand how your insurance quote will help them win more loads.

Spend less time trying to close deals with freight broker clients

With so much important information packed into one guide, you are able to reduce the time required to getting your clients over the hump.

Increase retention and renewals with freight brokers

This guide provides very serious statistics of the market trends and drives home how poorly brokers without the right insurance are faring.

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Logistiq has over 46 years of freight broker experience.

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We are experts on the freight broker industry so you don’t have to be. We create valuable content that helps our agents build value and properly protect their freight broker clients.

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